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To whom it may concern ,
I have known Glenda personally now for 6 mts and am lucky to include her among my circle of colleagues .She has been one of my mentors in the field of marketing ,an area I entered with no previous experience or education.What I know today and have learned is a result of her dedication ,skill and patience .
Glenda is a great leader and mentor .She creates a buzz and energy about her that is infectious .She has a strong work ethic has allowed her to lead by example,inspiring those around her to go the extra mile needed for success .She continues to amaze me with all the hard work and dedication she puts into her career and professional activities. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in being coached or mentored .

Una Clohessy

Glenda is a very positive and inspiring person and will go out of her way to help you in anyway she can

Riana Jooste

“Glenda is a very caring and giving person. One that has integrity and goes out of her way to always do the right thing. “

Brendan Vasta says:

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Glenda Martin as a colleague, a close friend and a business partner. Glenda is committed, dedicated and very passionate about her business and business partners and works relentlessly on ensuring everyone has great support and are inspired and celebrated. She is outstanding with her customers. Glenda’s ability to explore new business ideas and methods, to embrace challenges and to continue growing her business and recruit excellent people is outstanding. I highly recommend Glenda as a leader and business partner. Charlotte Venter

Business Partner Testimonial

Hi Glenda
How are you? I hope you are well.
Here is my week 4 update!
The 2 days on fluids went well with no problems. I did as advised and took it a bit easy – nice to have days without a paintbrush in my hand!
I am now into the soft food period and again, all seems OK. I miss my lunchtime salad, but am now opting for the soup option for lunch.
My clothes are getting wonderfully loose. The sewing machine is coming out this afternoon to put some tucks in my shorts (I’ve already moved the button, but it’s not enough)- can’t afford to have them fall down!!
I have attached my Food Diary for this week – if I’m getting anything wrong please let me know.
I have been listening to my mp3 each day – nice and relaxing to go to bed!
I look forward to seeing you in 3 weeks.
Thank you for all your support – you are changing my life.
With very best regards

Hypno Gastric Band post op week 4 update

Jeanette K Testimonial

Hypno Lapband Testimonial

Eileen N Testimonial

Chronic Pain Testimonial

Doing the happy dance with my happy client today- achieved these amazing results in just 6 sessions of cold laser lipo!

Laser Lipo Success Story

“Hi Glenda
This is a message of THANK YOUs!
Firstly and most importantly Thank You for running this brilliant program and for your excellent guidance and support. Over the years I have tried so many ways to loose weight unsuccessfully and dishearteningly, but I have never truly felt so confident and positive as I do with this program. I know I will succeed this time, so again Thank You.
Secondly Thank You for the photos. I can’t believe I forgot to take some. I think I was just totally focused on doing everything right! I will now take some regularly.
Thirdly Thank You for the weekly emails of encouragement. They are great as an extra boost.
I feel really good after today’s session. I’m just about to make a smoothie!
It’s no coincidence that last night I found the attached on Google+. Thought you might like it! I’m going to put it on my fridge. Step 1 complete, step 2 underway and step 3 my goal for next September!
I will keep in touch over the next 4 weeks and send a menu sheet through weekly.
Have a great weekend and see you in 4 weeks.
With very best regards”
Ally G

Another happy client! This is why I am passionate about what I do!!!

Had my first ever hot stone massage today with Glenda and what a relaxing way to start the day.wish I could have one every day absolutely beautiful.would recommend this service to everyone.thank you Glenda amazing – Stevie Lee Hawkins

Hot Stone Massage