Body and Mind Connexion


Are you feeling anxious about life? You need to be heard!

We are here to listen to you…help you establish goals and put them into practice whether it be about personal growth, development, self-understanding, decision making, relationships, depression or anything that is standing in your way of mental and physical well-being!

 We all experience challenges and pain in our life. It is how we deal with it that differs.

We are all unique individuals so it is understandable that some are affected differently to others and that some may take longer to heal than others.

Problems often arise because of earlier life issues, learned behaviour or current triggers such as workplace stress.


Counselling help us identify these, understand them and work with them rather than against them in a positive manner. Often insight is all that is needed to bring relief and healing.We provide the safe, confidential, positive and respectful environment we well as the encouragement to explore options that will put you in sync with yourself.

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