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Girls Compete, women Empower

Girls Compete, Women Empower!
Women should build each other up, support each other and not compete against each other! We live in a crazy world where stress is thrown at us from every angle, so nurturing networks outside of the family unit are a necessity
In my opinion, the past plays a role in scarcity minded women where we have perceived that we are the minority and that our resources are dependent on others. Presently we are still learning to accept one another, to accept that it is no longer necessary to cat-fight for our place in society or be opportunistic and greedily shove one another out of the way in an effort to be seen or heard.
In essence, I believe we are realising that the resentment and belief that we harvest against other women’s successes and achievements eroding our own is still leaving our power in the hands of others
Imagine for a moment what it would be like if we celebrated instead of lamented, if we supported instead of disapproved, denounce and deprecate.
Imagine for a moment if we could see other women’s accomplishments as a modelling mirror of what our achievements could reflect or as examples of our glorious diversity as apposed to a reflection of lack and scarcity.
Our ultimate goal is to succeed in all we set out to do, and we need not go this alone.
What if we choose to see each other’s greatness, that did not involve physical appearance and fashion labels?
What if we choose to celebrate our unique ideas of womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood rather than seeing these as impediments to our dreams?
What if we choose reach out, hold hands, focus on inclusion rather than exclusion?
What if we choose to make it our mission to rather tap into our core motivation, unite our focus like laser lights in the right direction of abundance, of our desired success and uplift each other as we reach our destined outcomes with support and inspirational satisfaction?
What if ….Empowering Someone else Empowers YOU?
It is almost always true that everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Burdens are always halved when we have a strong women role model to depend on – Never say it will not happen to you!
Remember that beautiful minds and open hearts inspire others to make positive changes. When women authentically support one another incredible things happen. It is definitely what this world is more in need of.
Just saying…… GlendaM
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